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Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

My dream Valentine

East of Eden's Cathy

Cathy was born with an innocent look that fooled many; she had golden blond hair, hazel eyes, a thin and dedicated nose , and a small chin to make her face look heart shaped. According to the town Cathy lived, Cathy had a scent of sweetness, but that is just what Cathy wanted the town to see and think when Cathy planned her kill...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leading Ladies Volume One

2011 is the 20th anniversary of India’s economic reforms. 

An important aspect of India’s economic growth during these two decades is the pivotal role women have played in guiding the destinies of business conglomerates.

This is inadequately acknowledged in the narrative of India's growing economic might.

Sudha Menon’s book Leading Ladies: Women who inspire India (Volume One) addresses this lacuna. 

A veteran business journalist in India, Menon's book is a collection of pen profiles of 15 women leaders in contemporary India. A majority of the profiles are of business leaders.  

Most of the women are public figures and a fair bit about their professional achievements and personal preferences is known and regularly documented in the Indian media.

What Menon succeeds to do with each of the 15 women in her collection is to peel away their public persona to reveal the true woman.

While retelling the stories of their rise to fame and power, the author also manages to focus upon their vulnerable moments, their uncertainties, their failures and their resolve to carry on, undaunted and perhaps more determined.

It’s this combination of the known and the lesser known aspects of their lives that makes each of these profiles interesting. 

Menon is careful not to be intrusive when discussing and divulging the private lives of these women.

With any such collection, one always gets a feeling that someone less deserving has replaced someone more deserving. Hopefully, there will be more volumes in this series.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Insanity is infectious

No prizes. No honourable mentions. 

Just this certificate, and a brief note that the judges enjoyed "Ghost Stories". 

That's one better than last year -- then, it was just a certificate. 

Now waiting for the 34th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest and another opportunity to "display courage, literary fortitude and a touch of insanity by writing an entire novel over the Labour Day weekend..." 

Indian Voices Volume I

Indian Voices is a heart-stirring compilation. An amazing repertoire of prose and poetry penned by Indians from different corners of the world brings to life the unique characteristics and myriad feelings associated with this pulsating and colourful country.

Experience new expressions from across borders speaking the same language; moving words which encapsulates the amazing geographical breadth and cultural diversity, vividly capturing the unimaginable depth of emotions that power your senses. 
Empathize with familiar situations, normal people, their despair and ecstasy as you get drawn into real-life dramas, keeping you involved and engrossed as accomplished and emerging Indian authors string together thoughts in a masterful manner.

Indian Voices provides continuing newness, a renewed vision of words and history, and makes all of it accessibly well beyond the confines of India. It is a captivating affair which takes charge of the reader and lingers long in the mind, allowing imagination to rule. We invite you to join this soul-stirring journey.

Publisher: CP Thomas www.42Bookz.com 

Editor: Jasmine D’Costa

Poets & Writers in the anthology

Aamera Jiwaji, 
Akhil Katyal, Alpa Patel, Anjali Purohit, Annie Zaidi, Aparna Kaji Shah, Ashoak Upadhyay 

Basanta Kumar Kar, Bharat Trivedi, Braz Menezes 

Chandru Bhojwani, 
Chriselle Almeida

David Vaz, Debotri Dhar, Deepak Unnikrishnan
Edwin Vasan

Farzana Doctor
Girijaa Updahyay
J. A. Kasturi, Janice Goveas, Jessica Borges, Jude Fernandes
K. A. Patel, Keith Garebian, Kevin Lobo, Koushik Roy
Latika Mangrulkar
Mayank Bhatt, Meena Chopra, Menka Shivdasani
Najaf Nazir Parkar, Najia Sabeen Butt, Nikesh Murali, Nikhat Fatima
Oindrila Mukherjee
Pervin Saket, Philomena Saldanha, Pratap Reddy, Priyanka Sacheti
Rajesh Macwan, Rochelle Almeida, Rujuta Paradkar
Shaoli Chaudhuri, Saloni Meghani, Sam Mukherjee, Satyam S. Moorty, Shachi Kaul, Shameda Safee, Shaphali Jain, Sheela Jaywant, Shelly Bhoil Sood, Shobha Nihalani, Shweta Ganesh Kumar, Shweta Virmani Mehta, Somnath Mukherji, Subhashree Kishore, Sudha Balagopal, Sudha Menon, Susham Bedi, Sweta Srivastava Vikram, Syed Afzal Haider

Vandana Kumari Jena, Veena Gokhale, Vibha Batra
    Waheed Rabbani