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Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Ode to a song

In 2002-2003 I was involved with The Quarterly Journal of Opinion (TQJO), a web-based magazine that was a mix of ideas, opinions, debate, current affairs, creative writing, poetry, fiction, sketches, and a lot of other things. 

While rummaging through my CDs recently on a cold evening in Toronto, I found the one that had the TQJO files. 

I'm reproducing a poem by Akanksha Joshi from TQJO. Akanksha is a young poet, who I think, must be a lawyer by now. 

It's a simple poem with a stunning first line.


I'd like to live forever in a song,

I'd breathe its notes instead of air,

I would know only its melody,

And live life without a care,

Existence would be a cheery tune,

Whistled skillfully through one's lips,

Or sung heartfelt by human voice,

And played on a piano by one's fingertips,

The dreams woven by the lyricist,

Would be the only words I would know,

And I'd soar when a high note is hit,

And float down when the note hit is low,

And I would always be with the song,

With it my soul would intertwine,

I would always belong to the song,

And the song would forever be mine.

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