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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Newspapers are dying...

Newspapers in the developed world are dying. 

Daniel Lak, who has worked as a journalist in South Asia for many years (and is actually a Canadian), came to talk to the students at the Sheridan College's Canadian Journalism for Internationally Trained Writers, recently. He said several print journalist from the developed countries have moved or are contemplating moving to India where print journalism continues to grow. 

I immigrated to Canada, where print journalism is in apparent death throes (all the three national daily newspapers are in trouble. The CBC wants the government to give it funds, and the Harper government doesn't consider that to be a priority), and I've got myself enrolled as a student at the Sheridan College to learn Canadian journalism. 

Talk about being stupid! As my friend Ramesh Patel would say, "If a person is stupid, he'll be so for life, not just for 15 minutes." Yes, I may be stupid, but I'm not evil. And I know many who are very clever and utterly evil. Despite all the serious problems that my naivety creates, I continue to remain utterly guileless and therefore perennially hopeful. 

I'm not certain whether I'll ever return to active journalism. It'll be a miracle, all things considered. But there's no denying that I'm enjoying my stint at Sheridan thoroughly. 

The crises in print journalism has lead some newspaper executives to launch a blog - the newspaper project. It has this cartoon by Mike Luckovich. Take a look at the blog, it's interesting. 

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