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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Time magazine 1969

When the history of the last century gets documented (not necessarily written), the one event that will acquire singular significance - to the exclusion of so many other equally compelling ones - will be man's landing on the moon.

The greatest achievement in the last century (perhaps in all recorded history) was without doubt that moment when Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin set foot on the lunar surface. Michael Collins, the third astronaut, continued to orbit the lunar surface in Columbia (the command module) around the moon. The year: 1969.

Time magazine has issued a special edition for 1969, coinciding with the 40th anniversay of the moon landing (07-20). I saw it at the Oshawa Centre mall and got it as a gift from Mahrukh.

It's a rare treat. Moon, Beatles, Woodstock, Vietnam, Nixon & Kissinger Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid...everyone who was anyone back then is in there.

Nostalgia is big business. Actually, in my case it isn't nostalgia at all. I was seven in 1969.

It's history. I firmly believe that if there's one year that defines the last century it's 1969. And that's because for the first time human beings broke through the confines of earth's gravity and landed on the moon. This will be remembered centuries from now, when all else will be forgotten.

Incidentally, Armstrong's confirmation that they were on the moon (the Eagle has landed) is also the name of one of Jack Higgins' bestseller.

Of course, the other reason I like 1969 is that a few people I know will turn 40 this year. Some I admire. Some admire me.

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