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Saturday, December 04, 2010

GAB is 2

Generally About Books celebrates its second anniversary this month.  What began as an experiment that I didn't think would last long, has. It has become a part of my routine. I feel guilty if I don’t write every week. Although writing every week is becoming increasingly difficult since I began working at the Chamber last October. I don't have the luxury of time to read and write as freely and frequently as I did before and the only reason I’ve managed to have regularly updates is because I have a rather hectic social life attending book launches.

Of the many books that I read this year, two will stay with me - Katherine Govier’s The Ghost Brush and Dawn Promislow’s Jewel and Other Stories
I read unpublished manuscripts of my friends Yoko Morgenstern’s novel and Joyce Wayne’s novel (only the first 70 pages). I’m confident that when published, both will be well received. 

My own attempt at writing my novel is progressing steadily but slowly. 
Two chapters of the novel have been published in two different collections – TOK 5, Canadian Voices Volume 2. Early next year, Indian Voices 1 will publish the third chapter. 

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