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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Six Meters of Pavement

It’s rare for everyone to be smiling at a book launch, and for that reason alone (although there were many other reasons, too) the launch of Farzana Doctor’s Six Meters of Pavement at Gladstone on March 7 was a colossal success. 

The place was full; many were standing in the aisle and near the bar. The evening’s highpoint was Farzana’s interview by Marc Glassman and the short narratives by volunteers in 10-1/2 stories.  

The title of the novel is intriguing. It's the distance between the homes of Ismail and Celia, the lead characters of the novel. This is Farzana’s second novel and is published four years after Stealing Nasreen

What I remember of the evening: Farzana said she did 14 drafts of the book before it was published.

All images from Farzana Doctor's Facebook page

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