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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tiger Hills

Sarita Mandana being interviewed by Panorama India's Ajit Khanna
at the Consulate General of India in Toronto
Last month Panorama India organised a reading by Sarita Mandana of her debut novel Tiger Hills at the Consulate General of India in Toronto.

A surprisingly large number of people attended the event. The audience comprised many writers, and several other personalities - some known, others well known. 

The Indian Voices contingent was present in sizable numbers, and I met Wally Rabbani after nearly a year.

Panorama India’s co-chair Ajit Khanna interviewed the author; she also read excerpts from her novel, and spoke about the process that led to the creation of the novel.

The surprise of the evening was the Consul General Preeti Saran – her short introductory remarks were packed with references to Indian writing in English.

She referred to the phrase “two tight slaps,” in Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy, and declared that there and more Indian using English than any other people. The proliferation of Indian writers has enriched English literature, she emphasised.

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