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Saturday, September 10, 2011

3-Day Novel Contest - 2011

Yes, I participated in the 3-Day Novel Contest again this year.  My third year.  And for the first time I enjoyed the experience.

When I participated for the first time, I was tensed because I tried to get as many words in as possible.
In the process, I just didn’t know what to do with a few of my characters, and they were abandoned – lost in needless verbiage - when I ran out of time.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed turning around a novel in just three days.

The novel was set in the backdrop of the outbreak of plague in Surat (the western Indian city in the state of Gujarat) in 1994.
The second year wasn’t particularly productive because my experiment of weaving several ghost stories into a short novel didn’t work out particularly well.

The editor of the contest wrote a small note to me saying she liked the ghost stories (which, I guess, meant she didn’t like the main novel).
This year – fresh from a visit to India, which was both exhilarating and disturbing – I wrote a story about a star-crossed couple who marry clandestinely but commit suicide when they can’t fight caste rigidities and orthodoxies.  

Adopted Daughter is a story is about the man who gets the couple married and his accidental encounter with the couple’s daughter, more than two decades later while on a trip to India from Canada.
My writing pace was even – clocking close to 6,000 words each day. After some severe editing, I managed about 17,000 + words which I uploaded in the afternoon of September 9.
It may not win my any prize, but I enjoyed the experience and am feeling good about my effort.

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