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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Insanity - beyond understanding

Insanity – Beyond Understanding is an eye- opener to what goes on in the world of those who are hooked to euphoria ….what takes them high, what brings them crashing down… A very descriptive “in their own words” narrative of their emotions, their lives, their fantasies, their failures…. Makes you sit back and think. At times, it is humorous and makes you have a hearty laugh. Chapters are short and self-contained making it an easy read.

Within these pages, you will learn the anatomy of the selfish behavior and distorted thinking that causes the euphoric to believe that they cannot live without euphoria. You will find out, directly from the author’s experiences as a counselor, about the tragic consequences these souls inflict upon themselves and others around them. Casts of unforgettable characters are your tour guides into some of the darkest areas and compulsive behavior of an addict’s mind.

Insanity – Beyond Understanding takes readers closer than ever before into the gut wrenching, chaotic world of addicts.  Author Bajeerao Patil possesses an enormous wealth of knowledge on the subject of human behavior & addiction from his over 20 years of work as an addiction counselor.

Insanity Beyond Understanding has many characters with addictive personalities. It highlights the selfish behavior, distorted thinking, the “my way or the highway” attitude of people who believe that the world revolves around them.  How they refuse to be happy and how they love misery.  How they are programmed to believe that they cannot live without sex.  Drugs come before anything else in their lives.  Once in a recovery situation how they frequently focus on developing a relationship with a “higher power” but fail to understand that without developing a relationship with themselves they cannot develop a relationship with anyone or anything else including a “higher power.”  How they want to be accepted by others but refuse to accept themselves for who they are.  They place their happiness in other people and material things.  Immediate gratification is their sole goal.  How easily they forget the consequences and pain that comes from the use of mood altering chemicals.  How they live in the past or in the future, never in the present.  How they worry constantly about their lives but do nothing to improve their situation.  How they refuse to take responsibility for their own behavior and their tendency to blame others.  How they look for shortcuts, for quick fixes, even though there are none.

Bajeerao Patil
Insanity Beyond Understanding is about plight of people who use mood altering chemicals, their struggle, their frustrations and their hardship.  How some of them give up in the middle of their struggle.  This book also has some characters who never give up, never quit and they become winners.  The wide spread materialism in the world.  How the change in family structure from close extended families to individual nuclear families impacted social life.  How children grow up without good role models.  How they are shunted from foster care to an orphanage, to the home of a distant relative, back to foster care, etc.  Many grow up on the streets after running away and never even complete eighth grade, let alone high school or job training.  A disproportionate number are physically, emotionally and sexually abused and don’t know where to turn for help.  The end result, all too often, is a belief that this is normal and they inflict the same damage on their own children.  It talks about never ending cycle and finally hopes for the better future. 

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