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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Living Multiculturalism

Last year when my friends Kumar Ketkar and Sharada Sathe came to visit us in Toronto, I invited a few friends to meet them. Among them were Tahir Gora and Haleema Sadia, the power behind TAG TV, a venture that has transformed television by taking it out of the narrow confines of broadcast channels, and taking it to the internet.

As important as this technological move is the platform that they have created for the proliferation of talent in the multicultural space in the Greater Toronto Area. This talent was largely ignored by the mainstream media outlets, or were given a token representation.  TAG TV has opened the floodgates for local talent to showcase and contribute to the ongoing multicultural dialog that is shaping Canada’s new identity.

During the evening among friends, Tahir suggested that I should do a show for TAG TV. It was one of those things that friends say to each other and then get busy with their lives. However, I was keen to explore the offer to possible create an avenue for authors, musicians and painters to be able to reach out to  a growing audience that is genuinely interested in knowing about the creative spirit of those who have made Canada their home, but who carry with them a rich heritage of their former homeland.

We met at a Tim Horton’s in Brampton and Tahir came up with the title of the show that he wanted me to do – Living Multiculturalism. I proposed to interview authors from diverse backgrounds. We started in late September 2015, with shooting a promo.

And then, we started talking to authors. The show will be telecast once every two weeks.  I wish you find time to watch it. I will be periodically updating it on the blog as well as on social media.

I also welcome your comments.

Here’s the first three interviews with Diana Tso, a playwright and a theatre person; Dawn Promislow, author, poet; Danila Botha Vernon, novelist.

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