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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Candid Talk with Tahir Gora about Belief

Tahir Gora is a multifaceted personality - he's a political activist who has constantly battled religious prejudices to uphold human rights; he's an outstanding author of prose and poetry, controversial but humane in his approach; he's a sharp journalist, one of the finest in the profession; and a great interviewer, who is able to bring out the best in his subject.

In 2015, he invited me to launch a program on TAG TV that he and his wife Haleema Sadia have been operating for a couple of years. The internet-based television channel is a unique platform that provides avenues of expression for multicultural talent, a major lacuna in the Canadian mainstream media. 

During the last year, I have interviewed several authors, artists, musicians from a diverse ethnic background, who have made Canada their home, and continue to creatively express themselves in idioms that may at times seem strange to mainstream Canada, but nevertheless, have a definite place in the Canadian canon of art and literature.

In this series, I also interviewed Tahir himself, when his novel Rang Mahal, written in Urdu, was published to critical acclaim (globally, wherever Urdu is read) and official opprobrium (in Pakistan). We discussed many aspects of creative writing in a social context. It is an interaction that lasted for nearly an hour, and I;m hopeful that the usually reticent Tahir will eventually put it up on YouTube, and other social media platforms of TAG TV. When he does, I'll add the video to the one below.

Earlier in October, we chatted again. This time on Tahir's show Candid Talk. The focus was multiculturalism, and, of course, my novel Belief. Again, the conversation covered many aspects and I think both of us had a great time. It lasted for nearly 45 minutes, so, if you have the time, please see the video. 

And, of course, if you'd like to buy the book, please do so from Amazon Canada. Here's the link: 

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