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Thursday, March 08, 2018

SPPPFFy by Anu Vittal

Anu Vittal is an arts entrepreneur and a multifaceted personality well known in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), especially amongst the South Asian community. She recently published a book Create Happiness by Being SPPPFFy™: Millions of happy people in happy places!

SPPPFFy = Spiritual, Physical, Personal, Professional, Financial and Family/Friends!

These six fundamental verticals of focus will change your life to create a happy YOU!
She launched it simultaneously in Canada and in India. The book is a self-help guide to creating self-awareness and shows a path to attaining happiness. In the introduction to the book, Anu asks, “Would you like to create happiness in less than sixty minutes?” And then she responds, “Most of us are born, then grow up, go to school, university, get married, have x number of kids, work till 65 and then retire. And throughout this process, we are always ‘doing’ life with the aim of finding this elusive thing called ‘happiness’.

Anu believes that to live this way is an omission of life itself! “We spend our lives being busy looking for happiness externally rather than internally. The reason for most of life’s issues – health, complicated relationships, poor performance at work, mental depression, financial debt, etc. – stem from a lack of control over one’s feelings, which in turn stems from allowing external circumstances to control us. And this is where we fail in our pursuit of happiness.”

Anu’s recently-launched book introduces a structured program for empowering people with a proven process of being SPPPFFy™ to create “happy moments” in all areas of life. The acronym stands for Spiritual, Physical, Personal, Professional, Financial and Family/Friends! These six fundamental verticals of focus will change your life to create a happy YOU!

In 60 minutes of single-minded focus, you will learn to design moments of joy and how to live life fully in those very moments. It provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step methodology aimed at daily internal investments in YOU to guarantee the result of valuing your authentic self and improving on it.

You will become a better version of the new you every day. You can have all that you want in abundance – love, wealth, health, a happy family, and lots of loving close friends. It also teaches you how to “create happiness” in the “now” moments so that you can live a more fruitful life for yourself and the world around you.

A Q&A with Anu Vittal

Anu Vittal
Describe SPPPFFy

The acronym spppffy™ stands for spiritual, physical, personal, professional, and financial and last but not least family and friends! This acronym came to me quite by chance. In Canada, we often use the word spiffy (slang for smart) and when I first heard this word from my manager, I was baffled because I misheard it as “scruffy.” And only when my manager understood the bewildered look on my face as I looked down to view my outfit, did he realize that I did not know the meaning of the word spiffy. So he explained it to me and I was thrilled with the compliment, looking very spiffy indeed – in my tan boots, smart kilted skirt, maroon pullover and a tan leather jacket to match my new boots.

Hence the word stuck in my head, and I often thought about it – I said to myself we all work on being spiffy on the outside but what about working from within and being spppffy™ on the inside.

So I invented this step-by-step process by which you are investing in you on a daily basis along six verticals I termed it as “being spppffy™”. So that you can become a better version of yourself every single day in all areas of life. The process itself involves a detailed life audit followed by a swot analysis, and customized smart goal setting methodology to meet the needs of each client.  These types of daily investments in your heart+mind+soul = happiness as you “renew” each day – so shall you reap the rewards of being spppffy™!

How difficult or easy is it to train oneself in controlling one’s mind, one’s reactions to the external stimuli?

I believe the brain is like any other muscle in our body - therefore we need to train it regularly. When we are breaking down a muscle in the gym whilst weight training we experience pain but we tell ourselves to breathe into it and to visualize how strong our muscles are becoming as we tear and build them.

Similarly, all our life experiences are providing us with an opportunity to expand our consciousness and evolve into a better version of our authentic self. This is why our reactions to various life situations make all the difference in realizing your full potential. If you react in a negative way to the same experience, it will provide you with a negative response which will make you unhappy. But by choosing to respond to a life situation in a positive manner it will provide you with a happy state. We all know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Take for example a balloon – you fill it will helium it will rise and if you fill it with air it will drop to the ground. The choice to react is always yours and that’s what makes all the difference. Ultimately, we are the sum total of all your reactions to every experience. All experiences – be they positive or negative – make us the person we are, at any given point in our lives. And, like a flowing river, those same experiences, and those yet to come, continue to influence and reshape the person we are, and the person we become. None of us is the same as we were yesterday, nor will be tomorrow. And in staying in this awareness of self is the secret to happiness.

That’s why we say happiness is an “inside job”.

Do you think that in the case of most human beings, the problems that the face are a result of their perceived lack of control over the circumstances of their lives? Please elaborate.

Perception is the reality and in most cases, we seem to let our beliefs and perceived paradigms of society guide us forward instead of the actual reality as experienced by us. We tend to want to hang on to what is familiar than to understand and adopt the unfamiliar. That’s why scientists stand apart as they question the reality and create a law based on the “truality” of facts.

The truth is everything we see and absorb from a sensory perspective is unique to each human being even if you are looking at the very same thing or having the very same experience. This is where dialoguing with your brain becomes so important to be able to collaborate and train your mind to tell it what “exactly” you want it to think and do.
We believe that our brain creates thoughts that guide us but the fact is – it’s the other way around. The self or the “I” which is connected to the supreme conscious has the intelligence and the ability to instruct the brain to develop thoughts, ideas which leads to feelings and frequencies we want to bring into our aura.

These will then become the guiding tools to evaluate any life situation or problem in a true manner and then resolve them with ease to give you peace of mind and essentially a HAPPY YOU!

You are an art entrepreneur, how has your entrepreneurialism influenced your perceptions and how did lead to the realisation that resulted in the creation of SPPPFFy?

As an entrepreneur converted into an Artrepreneur I was able to combine my passion for art with my expertise in business innovation. I have always been someone who has based my theories on reality as I see it and on laws of nature or quantum physics or business. Because the neutrality of these laws is based on proven facts or researched scientific discoveries. So in my quest for a spiritual path, I started studying E=MC2 and metaphysics which provided me with a lot of explanations that gave me a clearer understanding as I started to practice spirituality.

I realized as multi-dimensional beings we need to intentional make investments in various pillars of our life to maximize our fullest potential. Therefore the 6 verticals of SPPPFFy, however, I also realized that the secret hiding place of happiness is in the innermost sanctum of self. Hence, I encouraged myself to practice living in each moment or living in the “now” in the best possible manner.  Over the last 5 years, I have realized this is the only way to live life “being spiffy” inside out and right side up!

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