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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Meena Chopra's new creation “SHE! The Restless Streak - Poetry & Art”

Meena Chopra
In her new book of poetry & art “SHE! The Restless Streak” Meena Chopra reveals the vibrant female force in the human element. Usually, an abstract painter and a nature poet Meena’s works in this book are semi-figurative female forms which complement her thematic poems on abstract female energy. 

Her poetry has a unique ethereal quality and powerful story-like imagery which engages the reader to unfold the mystique hidden behind each and every work whether a poem or a painting. The book is both a visual and reader's delight.

The full-colour coffee table edition of the book is being released on Saturday, 22 September, 1:45 pm at Central Library Mississauga along with a thematic art show which started on 7September and will continue till the 29 September 2018. You may find details on the event on the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/205179256836573/

New book out 22/09/18
SHE”, the life force, the moving fearless female energy, subconsciously and unknowingly, has always been a predominant part of my art depicting genesis, whether it is in abstract forms, figurative forms or in the forms of verse”, says Meena when asked that what was the reason of picking up this subject.

Lata Pada, with her lifelong in-depth experience on this subject of cosmic feminine energy which is deep-rooted in the Indian Classical dance forms, will extensively be shedding light on the content & theme of the book SHE: The Restless Streak, Poetry & Art by Meena Chopra on the Book Launch/Art Show "SHE! The Restless Streak" Poetry & Art
Lata Pada (The Order of Canada) is the iconic veteran Bharatnatyam dancer, choreographer, artistic director and founder of Sampradaya Dance Creations in Mississauga, Canada.
Lata will reveal and expand on the idea of the dynamic feminine energy prevailing in the universe in its intrinsic metaphorical gear, the very central theme of the “Poetry & Artbook SHE! The Restless Streak” along with its essential role into arts, dance, music, poetry, literature & life at large. She will be doing this both verbally as well as through the rhythm of the classic language of “Abhinaya” ( portrayal through dance gestures and expressions)"
Foreword of this book has been given by world-renowned Canadian Master Artist, Historian and Order of Canada honoree, Charles Pachter. He says “In “SHE! The Restless Streak” Meena Chopra reveals herself to be a true original who combines words and images with grace and dexterity. Her poetry reveals subtle and astute observations of natural phenomena, from microcosmic details to sweeping macrocosmic overviews of human existence. 
Pachter adds, "In her visual metaphors combining the human body with surreal depictions of the human eye, she beckons us to ponder the meaning of life. Through the vortex of space, she draws the eye upward through expressions of monumentality and tonality, the orchestration of colour, and positive and negative balance. The result is shape-shifting, alluring and metaphysically inspiring. Her words and images together are a gift”.
You can find more about the book on Facebook Page: @SheTheRestlessStreak , Book is available on Amazon.
Author and Artist Meena Chopra is an internationally known award-winning poet & visual artist with an unbridled passion for words, space, colours and forms. Born and brought up in Nainital, India now lives in Toronto, Canada. Meena graduated from Isabella Thoburn College Lucknow. Later qualified as a designer from Delhi and then as an Artist Educator from RCM Ontario. 
After having a career as a designer for seven years in the fashion and garment industry in India, later switched to fine arts & writing poetry. She simultaneously operated a business in advertising, marketing and media. She writes poetry both in English and her native language Hindi and has authored two poetry books. 'SHE! The Restless Streak' is her third collection which showcases both her poetry and art. Her poetry has been translated into German and Urdu as well.
Twitter handle: @meenachopra Facebook page:  @meena.chopra.artist Instagram: meena_artist_author_media

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